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Re: 600kV voltmeter

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In a message dated 3/15/05 2:26:11 PM Eastern Standard Time, tesla@xxxxxxxxxx writes:
This spark length is measured from the toroid to a 7-12 inch ground

Does the ground terminal HAVE to be of 3-6" radius? It may then be compared with the peak DC potential charts in the Handbook of Chemistry & Physics. Use the standard impulse generator chart for best accuracy.

This method has long been overlooked by experimenters but is possible
because the sparklength in a single shot mode is completely independent of
the waveform (Abbdulah's book on HV Engineering).


It is a bit disappointing to discover your 4 ft. long continuous spark
shrinks to only 7 inches in the pulsed mode and gives a true output of
approx 160 kV.  It's hard on the ego after you have told all your friends
your coil is running at 1/2 a million volts!!

FWIW, I had this epiphany a few months back. What happens every 10mS that makes the spark channel dissipate?
Or as Richard Hull posed, why does the streamer *go out* at all?
Why don't all streamers follow the same channel? I suppose the same goes for non-TC sparks...

-Phil LaBudde