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Re: Wireless power transmission

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Hi Matt,

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> Malcolm,
> Yes, it is hard to imagine the environmental impact of transmitting
> all the worlds electrical power through the earth!!! Paul Brodie
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> Hi All,
> Uhhh, don't almost all of the electrical power systems on earth
> already return through the ground w/o much environmental impact?
> Matt D.

Yes, but the return paths for power transmission are pretty localized
aren't they? For example, the national grid transmission system here
is basically three phase delta. There is grounding to take care of
imbalances but not the entire load. At a local distribution level,
there is delta-wye transformation and the houses for the most part
run off one of three phases with a parallel neutral/ground return to
the transformer. Radio transmission from monopoles of course use the
ground as a whole for the return path.