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Re: 600kV voltmeter

Original poster: "Dr. Resonance" <resonance@xxxxxxxxxx>

This procedure has always been shrouded in mystery and overlooked by most
modern physics textbooks, but it's an easy procedure.

The easiest way to measure the sec output is to put a string of diodes in
the HV power supply with a large resistance --- say 5-10 megOhms.  This will
charge the cap slowly and the sparkgap fires once every 5-10 seconds (5RC
time constant to full charge).

This spark length is measured from the toroid to a 7-12 inch ground
terminal.  It may then be compared with the peak DC potential charts in the
Handbook of Chemistry & Physics.  Use the standard impulse generator chart
for best accuracy.

This method has long been overlooked by experimenters but is possible
because the sparklength in a single shot mode is completely independent of
the waveform (Abbdulah's book on HV Engineering).

Terry Fritz was kind enough to lend me his current and potential antenna
system which is calibrated against a known voltages source on the toroid.
The results were within 2% for both small and large coils as compared to the
single shot spark length measurement method.

It is a bit disappointing to discover your 4 ft. long continuous spark
shrinks to only 7 inches in the pulsed mode and gives a true output of
approx 160 kV.  It's hard on the ego after you have told all your friends
your coil is running at 1/2 a million volts!!

Ross Engineering also manufactures NBS standard traceable voltmeters
accurate from DC to 1 MHZ and potentials up to 1 million Volts.  Not cheap
but very accurate.

Dr. Resonance

> > I can't remember who or when but I remember someone asking how to measure > the voltage of the secondary? > > While searching on the web for a " missing ground indicator" I came on a > website where they sell a voltmeter rated up to 600kV. > > <http://www.aelindia.com/hv.htm>http://www.aelindia.com/hv.htm > > Doesn't look cheap, but it might be what he or she wanted? > > > Best regards, > > Sebastiaan Draaisma > > > > >