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Re: Wireless transmission of power,

Original poster: TCBal@xxxxxxx

This was a lot of fun. Wireless Transmission of Power works fine. This was fun, stirring it up. Thanks to all for participating. Laser antennae work fine too. There have been many many advances in technology since Nikola Tesla's time. His vast patent archive serves as almost a basic guide to many of these advances. Nikola Tesla was very clear in his words and measures. Thanks the the unidentified instigator for their honest but ill informed original statement. See, I have already forgotten what he said...but I can easily remember Nikola Tesla's writings....odd. I believe in promoting Nikola Tesla as a "brand" type of approach.

The information is available. Nikola Tesla was the "creator"; the engineer, of the Niagara Powerhouse. He designed it, supervised construction, and even managed it's premier operations. Saying that he did not is a falsehood. Lots of people tell me that Nikola Tesla didn't do the things he DID. Whether Nikola Tesla invented radio
is no longer in dispute (for around 60 years now...)
Prof. Toby