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Re: Wireless transmission of power,

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Dear Prof. Ballantine, et.al.
(this means the following:)
Dan Kunkel,
Malcolm Watts,
Ed Phillips,
Terry Fritz (thanks Terry, for your terrific work), and to
Everyone else on this list;
and most of all: "jdwarshui@xxxxxxxxx" (why don't you give us your REAL name)?
It has been (maybe) about 2 years since I have responded to any posts on this list.
No big deal. I've been (quietly) biting my "lips" and just continued reading all this time.
I've posted before on this (hotly debated) subject. I've read all the pro (and con)
arguments about Tesla's wireless power transmission claims on this list for a long
I am (respectfully) offering the following comments and observations (my own opinion).
1) Tesla really did transmit power (without wires) and in measurable quantities at
Colorado Springs, in 1899.
2) The methods he used to accomplish this is much misunderstood in today's world
(vis a vis), conventional thinking.
3) His big "magnifying transmitter" at Colorado Springs was NOT the SOURCE of
this transmission technique; merely an integrated component of a larger system that
would make such a feat possible.
4) Try to conceive of a (world-wide) low frequency resonant circuit that has the ionosphere
as one conducting plate of a capacitor, and the surface of the earth as the other. The
inductance factor will be discussed later. This is NOT the Schumann resonance so
often discussed before; rather, something much more basic. A simple L-C resonant
circuit that covers all the SURFACE AREA of the earth and the ionosphere above it,
with its air dielectric in between.
5) Many have written about how the surface of the earth (ground) is a very lossey
medium. True statement. But AT WHAT FREQUENCIES? When you look at
the propagation characteristics of ELF waves, down into the sub 10 Hz range, it
is feasible to consider the surface of the earth the same as a "perfectly conductive
surface"...like a copper sphere...just as Tesla wrote. Tesla also noted that it was
"very imortant to get a good grip on the earth". He spent much of his financail
resources both in Colorado Springs, and on Long Island at Shoreham (Wardenclyffe)
for just this purpose.
O.K. So let's say Tesla managed to get a "good grip on the earth". What about the
other capacitor terminal (the ionosphere)?
5) Tesla wrote: "It is not necessary to elevate a terminal to such high elevation".
Here's where his magnifying transmitter comes in. This is (now) the hardest part
to simulate and demonstrate. Obviously, getting a good (low impedance) connection
to the "ionosphere" is more then the typical imagination can visualize. But stop and
think about the following possibility. Suppose Tesla ran his apparatus at Colorado
Springs for say, 30 minutes non-stop. Discharges coming off the 30 inch copper
ball at the top...(length of sparks not important). Over a period of time, the surrounding
air mass was ionized to a high degree, spreading ever outward (and maybe upward).
The "theory" here is that his magnifying transmitter created (over time) a "virtual
ionic cloud" that was ever expanding and reaching higher and higher.
6) As anyone well versed in transmitter theory knows, when you have a good
impedance match between the "source" and the "load" you can achieve a very high
degree of "forward going power" meaning very little "reflective power". So, if it were
possible to cancel out the inductive reactive and inductive capacitive components of
such a "global" circuit, then, with the proper ELF power modulation input, one should
be able to transmit (usable) electric power over a vast distance with very little loss.
7) The "trick" here is to have a receiver of reciprocal design, to "receive" this transmitted
power. So again, another large Tesla coil would be needed (to create the "virtual"
ionic cloud connection), and also have a very substantial earth connection. These are
simply the transmitter and receiver circuits; not the means by which (usable) power
was to be conveyed. The modulation of (usable) low frequency power of two such
circuits is still somewhat of a mystery in these modern times...but food for thought.
Best regards to all,
Bill Wysock.
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> Dear Sir:
> Tesla never told a lie in his life. Demeaning the dead is easy, isn't it?
> You are trying to convince the ignorant to stay away, eh pal? I have
> already transmitted power from my basement to a town 36 miles off. All
> true, I am not a liar either. Simple, as well. It worked fine. You are
> spouting bull. You are right , it would be a license to print money...and
> it will be...for the govt. that will back it first. By the way, his radio
> worked just fine. It was used by our fleet and liberty ships right up
> through the second world war. His radio system is a very solid basis of
> submarine communications today. Tesla invented Radio. Yeah...you had to
> give him the polyphase motor...after all...it is everywhere. How is that
> Niagara Falls powerhouse doing? I think that worked pretty well too. A
> little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Tesla fell into your "crackpot"
> category, I guess. Take it elsewhere, like the Tesla Memorial Society.
> They don't believe in his work either. Unlike you, I will identify
> myself. I am still proud of my name: Professor Toby Ballantine
Tesla Technology Research