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Re: Wireless transmission of power,

Original poster: Ed Phillips <evp@xxxxxxxxxxx>

"I have already transmitted power from my basement to a town 36 miles
off. "

	Most interesting indeed; details?  How much power and at what

	As for Tesla's "radio", while he claimed a lot of radio related
inventions, the only patent I see which was obviously in use was the
"four-circuits" one, although his RC boat description contains a bit
more and, so far as I know, his only description of the use of a coherer
although he patented means for making one.  Leland Anderson's book has
very interesting stuff on what he did in the way of "wireless
transmission" in the early 1890's, but it clearly doesn't describe a
communication system per se.  He was always very strong on transmitters
but didn't describe much about receivers.

	"How is that
Niagara Falls powerhouse doing? I think that worked pretty well too"

	The powerhouse wasn't Tesla's but the patents on the generators were.