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Re: Wire length LC derivation,

Original poster: "Mike Knowlton" <amdx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi All,
 I sent a letter that never arrived, then I sent a correction
that did arrive, so it didn't make sense. I'll try again!

  Reg Edwards has a nice program to calculate the inductance of a coil. You
input height, dia, turns,
winding pitch (explained), and frequency. The programs gives you L, SRF,
additional capacitance needed to
resonate at your desired frequency, Q and more.
Data can be adjusted to give any specs you need.
 The name of the program is  ---Solenoid3---.
Reg's site has many ham related programs.
The only downside of his program is the height and dia.
must be entered in millemeters.
  The programs are short, easy to run and work great.
Go to
Page down to {Download programs from here}, then find