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Re: PVC Pipe

Original poster: "Bob (R.A.) Jones" <a1accounting@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

 Welcome back Dr.  I hope you get back to normal soon and and don't have any
more trouble.
Meanwhile take care.

Robert (R. A.) Jones
A1 Accounting, Inc., Fl
407 649 6400
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> Original poster: "Dr. Resonance" <resonance@xxxxxxxxxx> > > > > > Dolph's AC-43 is the best to use and it won't permeate. It's a special > insulation formulated just for xmfr coil sealing. Available in quarts. See > Dolph Co. on the internet and look at the companies history. > > We use this on all of our magnet wire coils. > > Dr. Resonance > > > > Original poster: "Bob (R.A.) Jones" <a1accounting@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> > > > > Even if you dry the secondary tube the usually coatings are permeable to > > water vapor so over a period of time the tube material will reach msnip..........