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Re: PVC pipe

Original poster: "Dr. Resonance" <resonance@xxxxxxxxxx>

Yes, we use it for 4" dia. sec coils and wind with #30 AWG for a super 12 kV 60 mA powered coil. Winding length 4.5 x sec. dia.

Sand inside and outside and seal thoroughtly.

Dr. Resonance

> and > the wall thickness is about half that of schedule 40. Is this type of > PVC > pipe OK to use for the secondary coil? Is it the same as or superior for > use as a secondary coil? Does it need to be dried and sealed the same as > regular white PVC? Does anyone know where to get tubing made from > plastics > that are better suited for building coils? Is ABS superior to PVC? Is > there > a web site where this kind of information is located? Thanks for any > help. > I have been planning this coil carefully for a long time and I am trying > to > use the best materials I can get for each part of the coil. > Paul Brodie" > > I once made a 7 millihenry loading coil using a piece of 8" > thin-walled green tubing a friend of mine picked out of a ditch. The > stuff wasn't particular round, but the coil came out with a Q of almost > 800 (at 137 kHz). We didn't dry it out and I suspect it would have been > susceptible surface breakdown in a TC application, but certainly the RF > losses were low. > > Ed > > >