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Re: PVC pipe

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Is anyone familiar with the light green, thin walled PVC? Lowe's has it and
the wall thickness is about half that of schedule 40. Is this type of PVC
pipe OK to use for the secondary coil? Is it the same as or superior for
use as a secondary coil? Does it need to be dried and sealed the same as
regular white PVC? Does anyone know where to get tubing made from plastics
that are better suited for building coils? Is ABS superior to PVC? Is there
a web site where this kind of information is located? Thanks for any help.
I have been planning this coil carefully for a long time and I am trying to
use the best materials I can get for each part of the coil.
Paul Brodie


Plexiglas (Lucite), works well, but is brittle.  Polypropylene (or
polyethylene (?) gas pipe is good too but tends to be heavy.
Just about any plastic is probably better than PVC, of course
PVC works fine but is subject to carbon tracking under
certain conditions.  I generally use PVC (without any treatment),
and haven't had problems.