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Re: Terry blake primary

Original poster: "Terry Blake" <tb3@xxxxxxx>

Hi Tyler,

I have several ways that I connect to a weatherstrip primary.  Here is a
photo of my HUGE coil and connections to the primary.

It might not be clear, so here is a zoomed in photo.

That is what I call a big clip-lead.  I make them up with 10 gauge speaker
wire (very flexible) and those flat-headed little clamps from the hardware
The clamps are soldered to the wire.

In case you haven't noticed, I use these to interconnect most of my coils.
I call it modular design.  Hehe.  My coils are always spread around as
parts/modules that I hook up as I see fit, using those big clip-leads.
Can't get myself to put it all into one box.

Sometimes I have hooked up from below the primary and had the wire hanging

I even use these clips to connect up to a pole pig, that I have run up to
60A at 240V.

Now I'm not saying that these are an ideal solution.  In fact, the burn
marks I have on my primary are due to the less than perfect connections
sometimes made with these clip leads (sometimes I put polyethylene spacers
between the clip and the other primary turns).  But I like the flexibility,
and don't mind a little extra excitement.

I did get 9 foot sparks at 7500 Watts with this setup. Some people thought
it was a good performance.

Still don't like it?  How about this?  This is what I used for my DRSSTC
The spring-bronze is solderable.  If you get some copper or brass strips,
you can solder them to various tap points on the primary, and bolt wire onto

Anyway, this is what I have done.  It should be enough to get you going.

Terry Blake
Coiling (a little) in Chicago

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> Original poster: Tyler Pauly <rpggod714@xxxxxxxxx> > > This is a question for Terry Blake, or for anyone who > could help. On the weatherstrip/ribbon like primary, > how do you connect to the primary coil to tune it (the > moveable connection)? There's got to be a more > efficient way than what I'm thinking of doing. Thanks > for all the help. > > Tyler > >