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Re: Need Help With School Project

Original poster: FutureT@xxxxxxx

In a message dated 3/9/05 10:08:34 AM Eastern Standard Time, tesla@xxxxxxxxxx writes:

>Is my 30 MA NST powerful enough for this size of coil? I think I get my
>hands on a 60 MA NST cheaply if necessary.


A 12/30 NST can give about 38" of spark in a carefully built
coil using a synchronous rotary spark gap.  The sparks will
be a little shorter with a good static gap.  You can see my
TT-42 TC which is somewhat compact, uses a 12/30 NST,
and gives 42" sparks.  My NST is somewhat robust so
it does a little better than a standard one.  I simply used
10awg PVC insulated wire for the primary, and a 4" x 19"?

There's other coiling information too at my website.