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Re: X-Ray Transformer - 50kV - FOR SALE

Original poster: Phil Rembold <prembold@xxxxxxxxx>


My bet would be that Ben is correct but only managed to get one
transformer.  I have a pair of similar units made by the Picker Corp.
The units each have a diode and capacitor inside, one made +50KV with
respect to the case (Ground) the other -50KV, used together....

Phil Rembold

On Wed, 09 Mar 2005 11:46:50 -0700, Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote: > Original poster: DRIEBEN@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx > > Hi Ben, all, > > 50 kV seems a bit low voltage for an x-ray transformer. > Are you sure that this transformer was for x-ray applica- > tion? I think even dental x-ray units are usually around > 70 kV at 5 to 10 mA. Most medical x-ray units are rated > at >100 kV and several hundred mAs. Just curious... > > David Rieben >