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Re: X-Ray Transformer - 50kV - FOR SALE

Original poster: DRIEBEN@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Ben, all,

50 kV seems a bit low voltage for an x-ray transformer.
Are you sure that this transformer was for x-ray applica-
tion? I think even dental x-ray units are usually around
70 kV at 5 to 10 mA. Most medical x-ray units are rated
at >100 kV and several hundred mAs. Just curious...

David Rieben

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From: Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wednesday, March 9, 2005 9:01 am
Subject: X-Ray Transformer - 50kV - FOR SALE

> Original poster: Ben McMillen <spoonman534@xxxxxxxxx>
> Hi all,
>    I have an x-ray transformer for sale that I picked up a
> few years back, hoping to use the core material to make a
> good PSU for a coil. I haven't been able to use it and it's
> been taking up space, so I'm gonna sell it..
> The output is rated for 50kV (at maybe 10mA max, I think)
> so some rework would probably be required. If you want the
> ENTIRE transformer, you'll have to come and pick it up (I'm
> not going to try to deal with shipping all that oil).
> Otherwise, the core is up for sale (good core material, I
> think some HV rectifiers in there too, mabye t00b) which I
> will drain, pack, and ship..
> Please email me off list if interested..
> Here are a few pictures..
> http://medix.homeip.net/cpg132/thumbnails.php?album=142
> Coiling In Pittsburgh
> Ben McMillen