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R: exchange

Original poster: "Vladimiro Mazzilli" <V.Mazzilli@xxxxxxx>

The tube that I dont'find in Italy and that I am interested to are (only graphite plate): 833A, 806, 810, 3-1000Z, 4-250A, 304 TL, 572B and also 813(only like new) 811 and 812 (only graphite plate) but are a bit small.


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Original poster: stork <stork@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


I have some triodes and pentodes.  Which kind do you have in mind?


Original poster: Vladimiro Mazzilli <mazvla@xxxxxx>

>>Hi All Guys, I've found six IGBT bricks that R&D lab was scrapping. The >>IGBT are CM400HA24H in optimum conditions. I dont' want to sell them, >>but, if is possible , to exchange with triodes that are very difficult >>to find in Italy. >> >> >>comments are welcome. >> >> >>Cheers, >> >> >>Vladi