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Re: Wiring the entire circuit

Original poster: Jerry White <starcatfisher@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

What is the difference between async and sync spark gaps?
 thanks, Jerry

Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Original poster: robert heidlebaugh

Ben: I question your choice of an asynchronous motor on a AC coil with a NST
to power it. If you were using DC to power the coil you would have no
problem. NST 's have a history of not liking async spark gaps.
Robert H

> From: "Tesla list" > Date: Sat, 05 Mar 2005 17:52:56 -0700 > To: tesla@xxxxxxxxxx > Subject: Wiring the entire circuit > Resent-From: tesla@xxxxxxxxxx > Resent-Date: Sat, 5 Mar 2005 17:53:04 -0700 (MST) > > Original poster: "Medina, Benjamin (UMR-Student)" > > TO: The Tesla Coil Mailing List > > > Hello Again. Thanks to everyone for their responses to the post I made a > two weeks ago on 'Advice on Primary'. This is for my senior design project > which is due by MAY but our goal is to start testing ASAP and then modify > our design to enhance the performance of our TC. We are at the point of > connecting the entire circuit but before I go into that I want to tell you > about our primary. > > I decided to go with notches instead of holes. It took about 7 minutes to > wind the copper tubing through notches. I had my partner holding the roll > of copper tubing and I was snapping it on each notch. > > We first mounted the 4 supports to the plywood and then started snapping > the copper tubing (inwards to outwards) as my partner gradually moved the > roll of copper tubing (in a CW direction). It's hard to describe in words. > BUT, honestly, it was VERY EASY. I thought it would be a nightmare. I will > show you the images later on. We got 13 turns so we will splice another > roll of copper tubing to this end to get a total of 15 turns. > > We are using a 15 kV / 30 mA NST and a RSPG (using a 1/6 hp asynchronous > motor with a variac) similar to the setup shown below: > > http://hot-streamer.com/temp/Median-image002.jpg > > > For the NST I am using what type of wire/strap/clamp is recommend: > > 1. From the secondary side of the NST to the Capacitor? > 2. From the secondary side of the NST to the spark gap? (This connection > goes to the stationary electrodes?) > 3. From the Capacitor to one end of the primary coil? (Is it connected to > the tap turn?) > 4. From the spark gap to the other end of the primary coil? (Is it > connected to the inner turn?) And from where in the Spark Gap does the > connection have to be? > 5. How is the toroid connected to the top of secondary? Materials used for > this? > 6. RF Ground ­ base of secondary connected with the ground of the NST and &

gt; the strike ring? The primary is not connected to the secondary since the
> transfer of energy occurs as a result of coupling, correct?
> 7. The strike ring shouldn?t have both ends connected (soldered) correct?
> Are there any rules as to the spacing between both ends?
> Sorry for the lengthy email. But thanks for your time and
> suggestions/assistance.
> Regards,
> Ben Medina
> Rolla, MO.