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Re: 12kV / 60 ma Neon Sign Transformer

Original poster: "Paul B. Brodie" <pbbrodie@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Oh yeah, another site I was recommended to get Tesla Coil software is <http://www.5000downloads.com/miscellaneousutilities/TeslaMap5.7.htm>http://www.5000downloads.com/miscellaneousutilities/TeslaMap5.7.htm
I haven't tried these, they are just what was recommended to me. I have downloaded both of them, this one and WinTesla that I wrote about before, I just haven't had the time to run through the parameters I have planned.
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Subject: 12kV / 60 ma Neon Sign Transformer

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> Hello all,
> I have not built a Tesla Coil in quite some time. However, if both of
> my brain cells that are left remember correctly, one starts at the power
> supply. I could be wrong. I've been wrong before, plenty of times!
> I do have a 12kV / 60 ma neon sign transformer and I had good luck
> with copper tubing as a primary "last time".
> Now, what I need to determine (I believe) is the capacitance C to
> store up current each 1/60th, the primary's L to determine resonant
> frequency, and the secondary's L to make sure it's a 1/4 wave electrically
> from the primary's L frequency.
> Does anyone happen to have software to do this? I have seen references
> to some programs but am not finding them.
> Alternately, would someone be willing to give me the numbers to design
> the coil with (e.g., "You're going to want 800 turns on the secondary, Dave")?
> As I recall finding capacitors was always a joy :-( but I'll give it a
> try. If nothing else, I can use aluminum foil in 14 x 14 and plate glass in
> 18 x 18.
> Again, any pointers to software, or existing designs, would be quite
> nice. I too started with the 1964 "Two Tesla Designs" magazine articles.
> Thanks again,
> Dave Small