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Re: Terry's DRSSTC - First light ;-))

Original poster: Terry Fritz <teslalist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


Paul and Karl wrote:

That is some beautiful workmanship on your primary coil in the picture of your new strike rail!!! Are the white spacers ordinary plastic push pins? What spacing does that give you between each turn? It doesn't look like enough space to prevent arching.
A quick question on your primary and strike rail though. What are the primary supports/guides made from? They appear to be strips of plastic "bobbins" or the tops of bulletin board pins. How did you feed the copper tubing through them, or did you snap it in?

They are just #6 nylon screws with nuts. I drilled holes in the base plate for the screws with 1/4 inch between the holes in a spiral pattern. Then I just bolted it down with like 100 of the nylon screws. The heads of the screws grab the 1/4 inch tubing. You can almost see them in this picture:


The coils are 1/8 inch apart but there are like 12 turns. So at say 8000 volts, the voltage from turn to turn is "roughly" 667 volts so no problem with arcing.

Dan Wrote:
That 1/2" split is probably to little.  I have captured corona discharge
(via photos) between the ends of my strike rail with a 2 inch gap on my
DRSSTC system.  I'm using about 4 inches of gap right now.

Any reason you chose to use a flat primary design as opposed to solenoid
type.  You probably did mention this before, but i haven't been reading
the list too much lately.



I used a flat primary because that is what I already had ;-)) I would think that the spacing should be ok for the primary voltage standoff. When the coil is running there is probably corona streaming off the ends, but that does not contribute to sorted turn losses. With 12 primary turns at 8000V and one rail turn, the voltage should only be 667 across the gap. Of course the current is like 2400 amps if it shorted minus significant coupling factors.

> > http://drsstc.com/~terrell/pictures/StrikeRail.JPG >