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Re: Terry's DRSSTC - All Ready!!

Original poster: "Black Moon" <black_moons@xxxxxxxxxxx>

The clouds cleared, the birds sang, and the darn things stared working perfectly!!!!!!!!!! Too much negative input to the LM339 messed it up and made it false trip. The Schottkys fixed that right up!!!

Great. You still have zero margin (spec wise). Alternatively, you could clamp to +0.6V instead of ground and get the diode drop completely out of the picture. Sorta like the diode compensation for a push/pull audio power amp using complementry bipolar transistors. One extra diode and resistor might do. Or you could bias the CT at Vdd/2 and eliminate need for clamping

TI makes some wonderful 'supply spliter' IC's, rated for about 20ma~ or so with great precision.

Gerry R