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Re: Tesla list Help

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I have never tried to run an unpotted neon dry. I think the tar acts like a heat sink. I have melted the old tar and mixed it with high voltage a 50/50 mixtures works fine unless your tar is vary old and dried out then 60/40 is better. Pour the hot tar back into the case with the neon. The oil mixed with the tar keeps the tar from getting rock hard like it was beforewhen it cools. I increased a 30 ma to 45 ma with oil tar mix. I have increased a 30 ma to 60 ma with High voltage oil only. The oil is a very good cooling system for the transformer. I have experermented up to 75 ma but am affraid to run the neon very long at 75 it might self destruct. I have run the neon at 60 ma unpotted in HV oil for 5 minutes non stop.

The easiest way to unpot your neon is put it in the kitchen oven for 1 hour at 150 deg. Increase the temperature 25 degrees every 15 minutes until the tar melts. New tar melts at a low temp about 180 deg very old dry tar melts about 200 to 250 deg. Remove the neon from the oven every 15 minutes. Tip the neon back and forth a few times to see if you can feel or hear liquid inside the case. When the tar is liquid pour it off. Wipe the neon dry with a rag. Wash the neon in kerosene to remove all the tar. Soak the neon for as long at it takes to remove all the tar. I have soaked neons for over a month in kerosene to get every bit of the tar off.

If you have a shorted neon melt the tar in your oven. Tip the neon back and forth a few times then let it cool. Melting the tar gets rid of the arc in the tar that is shorting out the neon and it will be as good as new again.

Gary Weaver

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i have recently unpotted a 9/30 NST does it have to be repotted or
submerged in oil or can i run it dry
any advise would be a great help thanks in advance