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Re: LOW-Z Amp

Original poster: Terry Fritz <teslalist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Christoph,

At 04:06 PM 1/30/2005, you wrote:
Hello All.

I want to build a low-z Amp for TC tuning use.
Unfortunately I can't access hot-streamer.com at the moment.

Should work. If you can't get in let me know your IP since the blocker may have tripped. The site has like 10 gig of stuff on it and it will block those trying to leach all the files or those that open like 40 channels... No big deal I just need to know which block to fix. Or maybe it is "amnesty" time ;-)

I was looking for Terrys design with the LM12CLK but
any other proven design would be probably OK, too.
So if someone has an offline copy I would deeply appreciate
if you could send it to me.

Really just the LM12 hooked to a simple power supply...



Works real good!!

Another help would be a hint to some higher power
transistors I could use in the output stage of Antonios
great tesla coil tuner as can be seen at:
Currently I use BC 547/548


The tuner itself is really great, but seems not to be able
to handle the ca 10µH primary too good.
If I could give it a little more power I'd probably
need no low-z amp at all... would I?

Any help apperciated.

Consider a high voltage low current to low voltage high current stepdown transformer wound on ferrites...



best regards

Christoph Bohr