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Re: The OLTC`s gone pro.

Original poster: Finn Hammer <f-h@xxxx>

Tesla list wrote:

Original poster: "Derek Woodroffe" <tesla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

A few questions ? What size arcs are you getting ?

The coil is designed to operate inside a faraday cage, 3m in diameter, so since the toroid is 600mm, that leaves a gap of 1.2meters.
Restraint is a good thing, when trying to offer a guarantee on both parts and labour. Having seen Steve put a torrent of streamers and arcs continously to 1.8 meters length, I think this coil just might last forever. It is almost identical. And only supposed to deliver short bursts perhaps like 3-5 times every minute. The duty cycle has not been determined yet, and it is not in my hands, there are lighting designers, display coreographers and the like to design that part.
With the proper power supply, I have no doubt that it would reach out to 1.8 meters too.

How many turns on the Primary ?

1 turn.

What bricks are you using 2 x cm600's ?

Yes, the powerex types.

When do you start demonstrating to the public ?

1st. of May.
This coil is part of a simulated thundercloud walktrough, with up and down gusts of wind and small twin tesla coils to simulate intercloud "spheric" discharges.

Original poster: "colin heath" <colin.heath4@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

hi finn,
       wow you have made me very jealous yet again! that is a beautiful
coil and a nice idea with the breakouts.

good luck with the going pro thing.
any pics of it running yet?

It is very difficult to make pictures of the short bursts that the coil makes, so unless I get a better camera, none yet.