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Re: Low Impedance Negative Resistance Tesla Coils

Original poster: stork <stork@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

No, "couteracting" the resistance in the entire antenna. It's an antenna (TC secondary) effect. It's a negative resistance feed back to the entire secondary. Not, just a feed back to the switch in a CW coil.

One of the factors that limits antenna current is the ohmic resistance of the tuned detector tank circuit and the antenna wire itself. Regeneration is a means of increasing antenna current by counteracting the resistance of the entire antenna circuit. By the introduction of what might be called negative resistance through the addition of a feedback loop, antenna-field interaction is increased and energy is absorbed from a greater area of the incoming wave front.

I'm sure you mean that the DC resistance is "compensated" not eliminated.
To a certain extent, this is what a CW coil is.. since an oscillator is just
something with a bit more feedback than would be needed to compensate forthe losses in the system.