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Re: ignition coil driver

Original poster: "Jim Lux" <jimlux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

A bit OT for tesla coiling, but it might be useful for someone going after

There are bicycle generator/light combinations made that have an AC output
(basically like an inside out DC generator, with a PM armature), which you
could probably directly couple to the ignition coil.

Other plan is a 555 timer into an ignition module into a GMHEI coil

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> Original poster: Motosk8er2@xxxxxxx > > Hi i am interested in making a ignition coil driver for my in progress jet > engine turbo charger. > I want to simply alternate the current from a drill battery to a ignition > coil....where can i get something like a 9volt rotary switch or like a > modulater to turn it on and off quickly... > > > Andrew > >