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Terry's DRSSTC - All wired and testing starting

Original poster: Terry Fritz <teslalist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi All,

Well the puppy is all wired up and I got some testing done:


It all went together pretty well. The H-Bridge wiring is pretty heavy since I am using 105C 600V wire, but I left good space for it and it fit nicely.

The front panel has "extra wire" so it is easy to pull away for service and such. But might need a few more tye-wraps to clean it up.... The box is one of those "all sides removable" things which I found handy when I got the darn +5 +12 -12... power supply wires all mixed up... The outputs are not real well marked :-p All the ICs to the left are my replacement stock ;-) Everything is in sockets so I just switched out ALL the ICs out after the power supply mishap. A minor goof really since I have 5X spare parts ;-)) Prolly $5 worth of ICs total...

Note the fan guard!! I did manage to get my finger stuck into the spinning fan :-P Minor finger damage, but it ripped half the blades off the stupid fan! In a stroke of genius I "did" get a spare one ;o) Of course, ALWAYS wear safety glasses.... I'll be finding fan fragments in the lab for years to come...

I tested all the 300V DC buss stuff, protection circuit stuff, and front panel stuff tonight:


It all powered up just fine ;-) I do have all the H-bridge stuff disconnected at this point, but the basic buss cap charge stuff is fine. The 250 ohm charge/discharge resistor is a little slow so maybe I need a lower value there... But it powers right up to 337 "loaded for bear" volts ;-))

I have compound automatic wire crimpers and all, but may hands are real soar now ;-)) Took two evenings to get all the wire in... Once it all proves out, stuffing in all on bigger boards will eliminate most of the wire work... It would be real cool to get it all on "one" board. But have to be careful of the IGBTs blowing and damaging the board. I still have not managed to get even the "simple" controller circuit onto a four layer card...