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Re: Bald-faced Quackery in the Name of Tesla

Original poster: Spivey Nickolsan <movonarvic@xxxxxxxxx>

Wow, I kinda want one now...

[quoted from the auction]
""The Purple Energy Devices not only cleared the food of all negative
energy, and negative residues such as pesticides, but also energised
the food. Now I put all my food on it and I continue to be amazed".

The Tesla Purple Energy Shield? has been gifted to us at this time to
serve this purpose. Within its beautiful ergonomic design lies the
zeropoint energetic field that can be effectively utilized for:

Psychic Protection

Electromagnetic shield


Aura Amplification

DNA Rejuvenation

Tachyon Energy Stimulation

Improved Health & Well-Being

Crystal Enhancement

Energy balancing "

On Thu, 27 Jan 2005 17:03:34 -0700, Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Original poster: Mddeming@xxxxxxx
> Hi All,
>     Just when you thought that every sleazy bit of  quackery that could be
> done in the name of Nicola Tesla had been tried,  another New Age huckster
> comes
> along with an even more off-the-wall piece of  pseudoscientific garbage to
> separate the ignorami from their hard earned money.  I have seen some
> fraudulent
> claims for fake crap, but this one on eBay takes the  cake!!!
> THE TESLA PURPLE ENERGY SHIELD Item number: 5553578433
> Matt D.