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Re: Welder question not coil related

Original poster: JBarrett@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I got a real kick out of this response considering I have a pole pig about 10 feet from the welder.

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Date: 01/26/2005 01:51PM
Subject: Re: Welder question not coil related

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In a message dated 1/24/05 7:38:58 PM Eastern Standard Time,
tesla@xxxxxxxxxx writes:
The wiring is kind of brittle inside. I have attempted to retape and cover
the supply wires with flexible conduit and heavy electrical tape.

Someone has been inside this thing before because I found three splices on
the supply wires. All this has been replaced.

  Hmmm... sounds like a Tesla-coil related subject after all: when
you're done stripping all the windings out of your ancient deathtrap
welder's heart, you'll have a decent core for a high-power ballast.

-Phil LaBudde