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Homemade caps == too much like work?

Original poster: "Chris Watkins" <tesla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I thought I'd use glass and foil, but the way it figures... I'd end up with
a stack of glass, foil, and separators taller than I am. Not much better
with the liquor bottles I was trying. Looked like I'd need a bathtub full.

I think I may break away from the "crap coil" attempt, at this point.
I'll revisit the concept later, when I'm more experienced. Like the caps--
I'll probably be better off just making up a nice MMC and being done...
instead of throwing stuff together and not knowing what I really have.

I do have what I'll at least "attempt" to use as my first power source: http://tesla.rcfriendly.com/

I think I'm through messing with it at all, until I make/buy a topload, and
take measurements to work backwards from, while finalizing a design.
Currently, I'm torn between building one of Terry's Tuners, or aquiring a
used scope and signal generator from Ebay or a hamfest or something.

Meanwhile, I'm still lurking and hopefully learning :-)

-- Chris