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RE: Big Coil

Original poster: "Godfrey Loudner" <ggreen@xxxxxxxx>

Hello Ken

Getting 24Kv is not possible from your pig. The possibilities are below
for connections to the low voltage side.
120v into either of the two outside and the middle terminals gives
120v into the two outside terminals gives 7.2Kv.
240v into the two outside terminals gives 14.4Kv.

However 240v rms into either of the two outside and the middle terminal
will not give 28.8Kv rms. The core will surely saturate and the voltage
will probably end up around 14.4Kv and a lot of current at load. The
14,400/24,900 means that three such pigs can be connected together for
three phase input at 24,900v, but you can't get 24,900v out of this
single phase pig. Note that 14,400 times the square root of 3 is around
24,900. I don't really know, but maybe you plowed your tesla coil under
with too much primary current in the tank circuit.

Godfrey Loudner

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Original poster: "Ken Jenkins" <thecompman@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi All,
I fried my 4.5" coil last night, I was getting 80" strikes at 14Kv :).
But you all know how it goes from there---MORE,MORE,MORE. So I flipped
the switch and fed it 24Kv. It went up like a 4th of July sparkler ;(
!!! Well now to build a \\BIG// coil, I have a
120/240--14,400/23,800--10Kva pig, 2 max-caps 45KV/30nf each. I want as
large as the PS can handle. So any Ideas. Thanks for the input. Ken J.