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Re: Welder question not coil related

Original poster: JBarrett@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Good idea with the ammeter. I'll try that first.

Can you explain the power neutral and welding ground further because this is a really old welder.

I did measure the resistance from the welding ground to the plug. One hot wire on the plug has continuity to the ground clamp while the other side does not have any.

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Date: 01/24/2005 01:33PM
Subject: Re: Welder question not coil related

Original poster: "Jim Lux"

Probably high leakage current from the line across the transformer or a high
resistance short.

Have you measured the resistance from ground clamp to the power line
connections (obvious, with the welder unplugged)?  Should be infinite.

It also might be wired wrong, or an old design where the power Neutral and
welding ground are connected.

... Hook a (fused) ammeter from ground clamp to hard ground and see how much
current it flows.. 100 mA is more than enough to really hurt.

Uhhh.. the other thing is, maybe that's why they were selling it?

There's a whole bunch of online "metalworker" forums where you could
probably ask about this model, get a wiring diagram, etc.

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> Original poster: JBarrett@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx > > Hello, > > I purchased an old Hollup welder manufactured by National Cylinder and Gas > company of Chicago, Ill. This welder was bought at a swap meet in New York. > > The welder works very well BUT the other day I had my hand on the housing > and touched the ground clamp. OUCH! It shocked me so hard it made me sick! > > I've had a couple of electricians look at my wiring in the garage and the > welder. They say it is hooked up correctly. The case is not energised but > the ground clamp has 120 volts to ground. The thing that confuses me the > most is I can take the ground clamp and ground it out and nothing > happens. No sparks, no blown breakers nothing but if I touch the ground > clamp on the welder and a earth ground it bites hard. > > Is the ground clamp and the equipment ground the same? There isn't > continuity between the case and the ground clamp on this welder. > > Any thoughts? > Jim > >