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Re: Tesla AIM help! (PLEASE READ)

Original poster: stork <stork@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


These are all good ideas. Speaking from other list venues unrelated to TCs or HV, it is advantageous to have a central scheme related to a particular list. I suggest that Terry or Chip investigate this technology with the thought of directly relating the platform to the Tesla and HV lists. This gives structure to all who wish to participate. Communicating, especially over videocams, fills a huge niche and is a huge advantage to all of us. Plus it's a lot of fun.


Can I suggest using skype rather than AOL, Microsoft, Yahoo, etc as a
provider, then every one can run from a single platform and all be
contactable . Rather than having 5 different messenger systems.
    Skype is an open source variant of instant messenger, but its much
more too, 1. its encrypted 2. you can make voice calls on it to.. Without
the restrictions that MSN and the others have.

    The client can be downloaded from www.skype.com (free)

    My skype name is derekwoodroffe