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RE: Tesla AIM help! (PLEASE READ)

Original poster: Chip Atkinson <chip@xxxxxxxxxx>

There are advantages and disadvantages to both email and chat.  One is
faster the other is more reliable.

Chat messages would not get saved into the archive.  They are not
moderated and the content would have to be policed by the rest of the
people in the chat room.

I think the chief advantage of email is that you can ask a question in the
morning and check your response in the afternoon.  With IM/chat, you will
end up missing replies if you have to take off.

The chief advantage of IM/chat is that you can get help right then if you
are having trouble doing something at that moment.

Not everyone on the list is in the US time zones as well.  Thus some
people who have tons of knowledge to share never get the chance to provide
any input.  This means that you only get input fro mthe people who are on
at that moment and not the whole email community.  There are over 1000
members on the email list, so there is a pretty large number of people
available on the list.

One should also not overlook the benefit provided to the list by Terry as

More thoughts...


Disclaimer:  I am the list owner, so make of it what you will.

On Mon, 24 Jan 2005, Tesla list wrote:

> Original poster: "Dave Halliday" <dh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> And these messages would also get fed into this forum and saved in the
> archives?
> What information/test results/resources would be lost if someone was not
> logged in at that time.
> Instant Messaging is cool but it is not archival and having a base of
> been-there-done-that messages to search through makes for an awesome
> resource.
> Switching to IM would horribly dilute that.
> Something to think about anyway...
> Dave
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> > Subject: Tesla AIM help! (PLEASE READ)
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> > Original poster: Teslamad@xxxxxxx
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> > Terry, Chip, All
> > Would anyone be interested in a Tesla list AIM (AOL Instant
> > Messenger)? This way, you can talk to people directly at a
> > moments notice.
> > If you like the idea and have AIM, send your screen name to
> > the list and
> > make yourself a folder to keep others SN's. If you dont have
> > AIM, you can
> > get it at <http://www.AIM.com>www.AIM.com
> > My screen name is Teslamad
> >
> > Regards,
> > ~Drew
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