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Re: Tesla AIM help! (PLEASE READ)

Original poster: Thomas DeGregorio <tommacs@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Yeah it really does sound like a good idea, I would defiantly like to talk to you guys. As already said though, setting up an IRC channel is a even better idea, since we can then have large group discussions and just talk.

My aim screename is t0mMaC2600


On Jan 24, 2005, at 12:25 AM, Tesla list wrote:

Original poster: "patrick herd" <zl2uph@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Drew,

Sounds like a great idea, my Aim name is zl2uph. What about other messenger platforms as well? as I use MSN messenger frequently (this email address) and IRC from time to time.


>Terry, Chip, All
>     Would anyone be interested in a Tesla list AIM (AOL Instant
>Messenger)? This way, you can talk to people directly at a moments
>notice. If you like the idea and have AIM, send your screen name to
>the list and make yourself a folder to keep others SN's. If you dont
>have AIM, you can get it at <http://www.aim.com/>www.AIM.com
>My screen name is Teslamad