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Re: coil running of car battery(s)?

Original poster: "patrick herd" <zl2uph@xxxxxxxxxxx>

> >Thanks Pat. > >Do you mean car battery>inverter>oscillator>ignition coils>tesla


I meant Battery>Oscillator>Ignition coil (or two back to back)>tesla coil

A suitable oscillator would require a 555 timer and a big mosfet (this kind of setup should give you a hundred watts or so) and keep you away from wall voltages.
>Something in that order? As I don't know if the ignition coils will

>work on AC as they are designed for DC.
>If I can avoid the wall socket, that'd be best for my needs.  The
>professor said anything plugged into the wall needs CSA approval,
>but she didn't know the exact requirements, ie, if it was below a

>certain voltage it was ok, etc.

The rules in that area are a little blurry so it's probably simpler to stay away from wall sockets all to gether.