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Re: coil running of car battery(s)?

Original poster: Terry Fritz <teslalist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


Maybe just the "plug" needs CSA approval. Any CSA "device" needs all kinds of expensive testing and a financial "gift" sent to CSA to get that approval... Months of work and waiting... I think that mess would be far beyond the "school project" thing.

I think someone heard of the "CSA" thing and thought it "sounded cute"... They had no idea what it "meant"...

This is the "dealing with bureaucrats that have no clue" part of your project :o)))) Hone your skill here well!!! You will them a LOT later...

Simply go to the hardware store and get the wall plug whose "CSA" letters are the largest... >:0))) If they are that dumb, that should make them happy =:D

But it does sound like there are a lot of DC alternatives that would be cool using ignition modules and stuff!! I "think" a UPS would be fine if you had power correcting caps. The switching power supplies in computers are certainly not a "nice load"... Be cool just to see how UPSs do!! A long lost project of mine...



At 04:45 PM 1/23/2005, you wrote:
If I can avoid the wall socket, that'd be best for my needs.  The
said anything plugged into the wall needs CSA approval, but she didn't
the exact requirements, ie, if it was below a certain voltage it was ok,

        What does CSA approval mean?  Who's CSA?