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Re: coil running of car battery(s)?

Original poster: "Christoph Bohr" <cb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hello Devon.

I haven't any finished plan for you, but I tought about building such a thing, too.
However, I did not find the time / motivation to finally build it, but maybe I can
you with some thoughts.
Of course you could use a regular, of the shelf, power converter, this would probably
fastest way to get usable amounts of 110 / 240V AC. But then you have to worry about
any RF frying the power converter. If you manage it to filter RF good enough to let
converter survive, your device is probably "clean" enough to get your CSA approval

This led me to another idea. I know the military uses, or at least used, devices
"dynamotor", to power vacuum tube based equipment in their trucks.
These are combined 24V DC motors connected to 220V ( or similar ) AC generators.
Maybe you could get one surplus or you could even build one yourself.
All you need is a strong dc motor, which should not be a too big problem, a small
generator, some way to connect both and some simple device to gouvern the speed
of the DC motor to get close to 60Hz on the AC side.
One might use the regulators that big electric model boats or cars use to vary the
Such a dynamotor sould survive pretty good in the harsh environment of a TC.
What power-level do you intend to build, depends a lot on this if this idea is

best regards


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> Original poster: Devon Ferns <dferns@xxxxxxxxxxxx> > > I'm trying to find out how I can go about making a small coil that could > run off one or two car batteries. Has anyone done this? I would guess I > need an inverter to go from DC>AC, but that's fine. Just wondering if > anyone has any plans made up for this already, which I could look at. > > This is for a university project which has to be demonstrated but, they > want us to have CSA approval of anything plugged into the wall. That means > that I will probably not be able to make a regular style coil running off > of wall power. > > I've searched around the net a bit but haven't found a whole lot of > information on this subject, and not much on the list archives that I could > find. > > Thanks, > Devon. > > > >