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Re: coil running of car battery(s)?

Original poster: Jerry White <starcatfisher@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I am thinking of doing somthing like this myself.this is what I am thinking of, a 555 timer ckt. @ around 60-100 hz driving a HEI auto coil (or 2). possably use the 555 ckt to drive a 3055 fet for more current to the coils? Use this for the HV power supply to the coil?
don't know if this will work for sure but it sounds like it will. I will let you know if I get more information on this, what does every one else think?

Original poster: Devon Ferns

I'm trying to find out how I can go about making a small coil that could
run off one or two car batteries. Has anyone done this? I would guess I
need an inverter to go from DC>AC, but that's fine. Just wondering if
anyone has any plans made up for this already, which I could look at.

This is for a university project which has to be demonstrated but, they
want us to have CSA approval of anything plugged into the wall. That means
that I will probably not be able to make a regular style coil running off
of wall power.

I've searched around the net a bit but haven't found a whole lot of
information on this subject, and not much on the list archives that I could