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RE: 3 phase rotor question

Original poster: "Aron Koscho" <kc5uto@xxxxxx>

Hi Bert,

Gary's rotary converter should work fine. I used one a similar one to
power a large YAG laser (the one I gave to Phil). You will probably need
at least 10hp if this is one of those monster HVDC systems. My
experience has been a 10Kva converter will pull ~100A from the single
phase line.



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Original poster: Bert Pool <bert.tx@xxxxxxxxxxx>

I have a heavy duty power supply that is 220 volt, 3 phase.  Would
phase converter operate the transformer in this unit?  I bought  the
supply cheap, expecting I might could do the three phase cheat and make
work.  So, will it work, or did I buy a nice boat anchor?

Bert Pool