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Re: 3 phase converting

Original poster: "Bob (R.A.) Jones" <a1accounting@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> similar.
> Tesla used two phase for his EOC demonstration, too.  As for using
> capacitor phased power for a rotating magnetic field, I've researched
> this and talked to experts over the past couple years.  Nobody seemed
> to think this would work.  If you have a link to an actual
> implementation of capacitor phased current generating a rotating
> magnetic field in a stator with no rotor, I would be very interested
> in reading up on it.
>  > My conclusion- You don't need three phases to generate a
>  > rotating magnetic field. It just happens to be the most
>  > efficient and economical way of doing it.
> In my case, since I have an actual application for a rotating magnetic
> field, I can draw no conclusions until I have a working unit in front
> of me.
I can confirm that with two phases with 90deg phase difference you can
generate a rotating field.
Perhaps a good example of it is a Lissajous figure i.e. feed the two phases
in to the x y of a scope and you get a circle QED.
A rotor is not required.