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RE: How (does) voltage rise(s?).

Original poster: "David Trimmell" <humanb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi, John that's a good question! I have used relatively 'loose' coupling of
.15-.2 are folks using greater than this? I have only been able to get 33"
sparks with a 6" coil and a half-bridge. I use long on times and long off
time compared to others that have posted their results. Due to noise issues
I have tried to simulate a VTTC as they really can be silent, but still my
SSTC can sound like staccato gun fire! I won't be working on it till after I
get back from Panama, but will try higher coupling and a full-bridge!


David Trimmell

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>The relation between coupling and racing sparks doesn't seem >to hold for any kind of SSTCs I have seen, so we use tighter couplings on >these.


What's the actual coupling coefficient figure used on DRSSC's
these days?  I've been hearing a lot about the tight couplings used,
but I don't think I remember seeing an actual number.