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Nice PC board for MMC capacitors

Original poster: Terry Fritz <teslalist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi All,

I was thinking of getting a nice PC board made for holding MMC caps. It would hold up to two strings of 12 (24 total) Geek style 0.15uF 2000V caps (12 of the caps could be mounted in parallel on the back too):


There would be screw terminals to tap from 6 (12) to 12 (24) caps. It would be a screened and solder masked board and all that. It should take all the standard NST configurations. If anyone has any ideas to make the layout better, I am all ears too ;-)


If I just buy "two" of these big 9 inch by 9 inch boards for "me", the cost is $140 each!! However, if I get 20, the cost is $35 each. "I" don't need 20, but I was thinking maybe others would like to buy the extras ;-)

So I would just like to ask if people would be interested in this? I think the cost with shipping would be $40 (just my cost really). If you think you would be interested, just drop me a quick note at:


Not taking orders or anything, I just want to be sure there are more than say two people interested so I don't get stuck with $650 worth of extra boards. Unlike a group buy, I would just get them and sell them off till gone. So let me know if this sound cool. If I get enough response that it sounds like I would be able to get ride of the extras, I will probably get them on order. If there is a giant interest, maybe someone could sell them for a little profit to supply us ;-) Seems like the batches of 20 boards at $70 is about right. I would be happy just to sell the extras to some entrepreneur too that could sell them at a little profit.

HAHAHA... and I would probably like have to buy some some of my own boards back some day too!! Been there, done that :o)))