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RE: new coil

Original poster: "Dave Halliday" <dh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Use a 10' length of 1/2" hard copper pipe.
Use a hose clamp to put a garden hose over one end.
Connect the other end of the garden hose to the hot-water hose fitting
leading into your washing machine.
Turn on a trickle and let the flow of water do the work...

Wear gloves - that pipe will get very hot.

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> just finished my latest coil with 4 profesional capacitors from
> <http://www.amazing1.com>www.amazing1.com but unfortunatly
> its about 9:00
> and i cant even dream about getting the ground rod into the
> ground because
> its so cold but tomarrow i will go on the quest to get the
> dam rod into the
> ground and ill let you guys know how it comes out