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Re: frequency counter

Original poster: "Jim Lux" <jimlux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Counter circuits abound (and, for that range, things like BASIC Stamps and
PICs can count it directly)..
Lots of <$20 multimeters have frequency counting capability these days

Important things to know..
1) What's the input waveform look like?  Nice Square wave or something
really weird, like a tesla coil waveform
2) What kind of output do you need?  display, parallel interface, IEEE-488
3) What kind of accuracy do you need?  1%, 1Hz, ??
4) Do you need a circuit that you can put into a larger system, or is it a
standalone widget

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> Original poster: "claudio masetto" <claudmas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> > > Hello everyone, > This is a bit off topic but I hope someone can help me. Does anyone have a > simple circuit for a digital frequency counter with a range of about 50khz > to 500khz > > Thanks > Claude. > > ->I assume its for a Tesla coil ;-) - Terry <- > >