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Re: Hello from The Newbie

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In a message dated 1/17/05 10:53:02 AM Eastern Standard Time, tesla@xxxxxxxxxx writes:

Good to know. I actually caved in and bought my first secondary today,
and it's wound on a cardboard tube, dried and shellac'd inside and out.

I've placed a picture, and his specs, here: http://tesla.rcfriendly.com


That's a good secondary at a good price.  I like the 1300 turns aspect.
This is somewhat similar to the secondary I used on my TT-32 coil.
I used a PVC pipe about 3.3" dia by 17" long wound with 28awg wire.
The coil featured a 3" x 10" spun aluminum toroid, a synchronous
spark gap, MMC caps, a 12awg PVC insulated wire primary, and
a 7.5kV, 30ma NST (or maybe it was a 9kV,30ma NST, I can't
remember right now, but I do have the info written in my notes).
I had hoped the coil would give 32" sparks, but it never gave more
than 26" sparks I seem to remember.  But of course it would
have given longer sparks if a larger NST was used.  It was not
designed to be an extremely efficient coil, but rather was designed
to be compact and was used to explore the efficiency of such
a coil design.

General coil info, photos, synchronous spark gaps,
toroids, tube coils, etc at my website: