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Re: Amazing oil leak!

Original poster: "Christoph Bohr" <cb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hello Steve.

>From what I know is seems quite plausible
this would happen by means of capillar forces.
I doubt anything will stop the oil from doing this,
maybe saeling with silicone could do the job but
not at this point as the oil has gon in every small joint
preventing silicone from sticking to the surfaces.

The actual mistake is in your contruction and I ran
into the same problem, too, when I build my 4Mot stack

I solved this by mounting ordinary 4mm bushings
in the top lid of my container, this will interrupt the way through
the cable, thus stopping oil from leaking out.
polepigs use the same technology, just a bit bigger.
It even makes handling easier and looks tidier.

You might want to give this a try.