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Re: Hello from The Newbie

Original poster: "Chris Watkins" <tesla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Original poster: "S&JY" <youngsters@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> This 4 inch form will work just fine for a tiny power supply, and will
> you building another coil when you are ready to increase power.
> you can get at least 3 foot streamers from it.

Now that I have my first secondary on the way... I'll probably lean more
4~5 inches diameter, PVC, on the one I end up building and winding for
At least now I have a bit of time before I worry about that.

> Enjoy, and please realize this hobby is rather addicting and will lead you
> to many years of fun experimentation along with some cost to keep buying
> more stuff.

Of that I have no doubt. I'm sure if I stick with it that I won't be happy
I'm getting 6-footers, so I'm sure to end up opening the wallet many times.
Much like some other hobbies I've had.(Racing, RC flying, Ham radio)