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RE: Hello from The Newbie

Original poster: "Dave Halliday" <dh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

For secondary coil forms, check places that sell flooring -- Is there a
Home Depot or Lowes in your area?

Carpet and Vinyl Flooring are shipped wound on strong cardboard tubes
2-3" in diameter.

Welcome to the list and good luck!

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> Hi all!

> OK...
> For starters, I think I'll wind the secondary. I'm not
> expecting it to be
> gorgeous
> or perfect, but I'll do the best I can. Scrounging around,
> I'm not finding
> much
> in the way of coil forms. The first two possibilities are: A
> paper towel
> tube, or
> a Pringle's chip can. Using partial specs below, which one would you
> choose...
> if you were forced to wind a functional Tesla secondary using
> one or the
> other?