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Re: Hello from The Newbie

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Subject: Hello from The Newbie

> Original poster: "Chris Watkins" <tesla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> > > Hi all! > > Chris here, with my first post. Location: 35 miles west of Atlanta, GA. > I've been scouring websites, reading articles and posts about Tesla Coils, > for a few weeks now. The list kept popping up, so of course I subscribed :-) > > I've been in awe of Tesla coils since seeing a demo in school, too many > years ago... but I never considered actually building my own. After seeing > that it doesn't appear to be "rocket science", I've decided to "Just Do > It". > (With assistance from you who have "been there and done that", hopefully!) > > I haven't decided all specs... but my first will surely be a bit on the > small-ish side, > especially compared to some monster coils seen here and elsewhere on the > net. > I'm not greedy, yet! If it's capable of ~4-6" sparks, after tweaking and > tuning, > I'll declare success. Anything more is gravy. I'll set higher goals for my > next coil. > Maybe I'll venture more than $25, to build that next one. This one will be > junk. > > I'll be scrounging for most items, whenever practical. As a packrat, I > expect to find > enough "junk" laying around to come up with most of the ingredients for the > project. > If I happen to mention a thing you *know* does not work, by all means clue > me in! > If something is "not optimal, but may work", I'd appreciate that knowledge > as well. > > > OK... > For starters, I think I'll wind the secondary. I'm not expecting it to be > gorgeous > or perfect, but I'll do the best I can. Scrounging around, I'm not finding > much > in the way of coil forms. The first two possibilities are: A paper towel > tube, or > a Pringle's chip can. Using partial specs below, which one would you > choose... > if you were forced to wind a functional Tesla secondary using one or the > other? > > (Note: I'm not opposed to butting two items together if necessary. ie... on > first > thought, I'm guessing 2 Pringle's cans, 6:1 with ~1000 turns might work > well. > I'd rather use only one item, but will use two if it's felt that one just > won't work) > > > Pringle's Can (with aluminized liner & steel end cap removed) > 2 15/16" Diameter > 3:1 Aspect ratio > ~500 turns of 26 gauge wire > > Paper Towel Tube > 1 3/4" Diameter > 6.2:1 Aspect ratio > ~625 turns of 26 gauge wire > > > > I'm sure I'll have a couple dozen more questions before the year(week?) is > over :-) > Thanks in advance for any response. > > -- > Chris > > >