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Re: Hello from The Newbie

Original poster: "Chris Watkins" <tesla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Original poster: Tesla <tesla@xxxxxxxxx> > > Hi Chris. > > Well if you can't find some scrap PVC tube(wich should be fairly easy) i > would go with the > pringles can. I have used paper before and if soaked in oil it works. It > isn't the best choice > however.

I'm beginning to believe that much.

> You could go for for a higher numbered AWG wire. I have used AWG
> 30 on a couple of coils
> and they have worked well. You get more turns on the secondary. That way
> you don't have to
> make a connection midway on the secondary(could lead to unwanted zapping).

I was figuring to use some wire I already have on hand... but I might find
fine wire to be obtained from some of my "junk" items I'll be demolishing.

Besides fine wire being more tedious to wind, and obtain, from old
are there other reasons most seem to opt for thicker wire when coiling? Is
it also
more prone to burn out, flashover, etc... ?

> Good luck with the "scrapcoil". =) > > //Matt >