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Re: Hello from The Newbie

Original poster: Tesla <tesla@xxxxxxxxx>

For starters, I think I'll wind the secondary. I'm not expecting it to be
or perfect, but I'll do the best I can. Scrounging around, I'm not finding
in the way of coil forms. The first two possibilities are: A paper towel
tube, or
a Pringle's chip can. Using partial specs below, which one would you
if you were forced to wind a functional Tesla secondary using one or the

(Note: I'm not opposed to butting two items together if necessary. ie... on
 thought, I'm guessing 2 Pringle's cans, 6:1 with ~1000 turns might work
 I'd rather use only one item, but will use two if it's felt that one just
won't work)

Pringle's Can (with aluminized liner & steel end cap removed) 2 15/16" Diameter 3:1 Aspect ratio ~500 turns of 26 gauge wire

Paper Towel Tube
1 3/4"  Diameter
6.2:1 Aspect ratio
~625 turns of 26 gauge wire

Hi Chris.

Well if you can't find some scrap PVC tube(wich should be fairly easy) i would go with the
pringles can. I have used paper before and if soaked in oil it works. It isn't the best choice
however. You could go for for a higher numbered AWG wire. I have used AWG 30 on a couple of coils
and they have worked well. You get more turns on the secondary. That way you don't have to
make a connection midway on the secondary(could lead to unwanted zapping).

Try to ask friendly at stores that have potentioal coul hardware and maybe you'll get some
materials for free.

Good luck with the "scrapcoil". =)